Hip Illustrations.

Dynamic Designs.

Eye Catching Colors.

The Sharp Look brings all three concepts together for one complete look is all that and more. Our creativity doesn’t have limits. Our ideas are endless. Our imagination reaches beyond the ordinary because creativity shouldn’t have limits. Got an idea? We’ll make it reality.

The Sharp Look is a Houston graphic design company specializing specializes in illustrations for t-shirts, children’s books, comics, posters, skateboards, graphic novels, video games, hats, web sites, facebook pages, twitter pages, and moreanything else that needs your own special look. Whatever the medium, we can create a custom illustration just for you. We’re focused on the smallest details of a character’s skin to the large and the overall layout of the designbig picture. Whether you need two color, three color, four color, or full color or any color designs, we can help!

From hot rods to high schools to high heels, to whatever, The Sharp Look has designsed it all. We’ve created tough, sexy, sweet, meek, mild, funny, fierce, fun, fresh, and innocent designs. We’ve produced concepts. Our work is for any industry whether it be healthcare, non-profit, energy, oil and gas, churches, synagogues, technology, banking, insurance, retail, restaurants, professional services, etc., etc., etc.,… for businesses to youth sport teams.

We’re here ready to give you. Isn’t it time for The Sharp Look?